E-Space MuPop-Interactive Dance Exhibition & Performance


by Rosemary Cisneros, Coventry University.

On the occasion of the C-DARE Un-Symposium event on 8th December 2016 in Coventry (UK), the Europeana Space Dance Pilot was happy to share the new multiscreen audience engaging tool “Qandr”, in combination with the use of the Pop-Up Museum concept, developed in the course of E-Space project.

The Dance Fields Postgraduate Un-Symposium is designed as an informal event to share research and ideas, ‘network’, and engage in dialogue and discussion through a series of one to two hour sessions, and it attracts dance professionals and students.


Before the Un-Symposium and during registration to the event, the interactive dance exhibition allowed the audience to explore cultural heritage images while watching live dancing. The Pop-Up Museum included a live dance performance in front of a screen which was controlled by the audience. Using smart phones and/or any android devices, the audience connected to the screen and controlled what the dancer and other audience members saw.

Featured dancers were: Natasha Adomako, Angelika Mizinska and the Pilot’s very own, Sarah Whatley.

About Pop-Up Museum developed by E-Space: http://www.europeana-space.eu/pop-up-museum/

Pop-Up Museum website: https://www.mupop.net/

C-DARE Un-Symposium event and Mupop-Qandr demonstration.



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