E-Space goes to Derry at “Upcycle Digital Heritage” workshop


Upcycle Digital Heritage was jointly organized by The Discovery Programme, CARARE and FABLAB Derry, and the workshop explored some of the challenges and opportunities which are present in reusing digital heritage data, with 4 sections (creative industries, communities, tourism and museums, education) each introduced by an international expert in this field, followed by discussion amongst the event attendees to explore potential solutions and opportunities.

“How can we ensure that our digital heritage is exploited by new sectors and industries?”

Antonella Fresa was invited to present outcomes and achievements of Europeana Space and other projects for the reuse of digital cultural heritage by creative industry and by the civil society, showcasing lessons learnt and experiences and fostering discussion on two overarching themes:

  • Digitisation, rights and new business models for content providers
  • Cooperation between research, private and public sectors

Download Antonella’s presentation (PDF, 2.3 Mb)

More about the event: http://www.digitalmeetsculture.net/article/upcycle-digital-heritage-workshop-in-derry/


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