MediaConch Newsletter #5 – June 2016




New Release Notes

What’s new in MediaConch 16.05

Local GUI, Online, CLI, Server

  • MediaConch XML format v0.2
  • Improved Matroska tests
  • Improved HTML display
  • FFV1 parsing speed improvement

Local GUI

  • Option for applying a policy to all open files
  • Lists of values for several elements in the policy editor
  • Minor UI improvements/fixes

Online GUI

  • Option for applying a policy to all open files
  • User settings: default policy, default display, default verbosity
  • Minor UI improvements/fixes


Latest Downloads

Download MediaConch’s latest release from PREFORMA Open Source Portal or a daily build from MediaConch website.

MediaConch now supports plugins including VeraPDF and DPFManager!


Upcoming Events

Join us for our pre-IETF Berlin Symposium: No Time to Wait! A free workshop for audiovisual archivists, developers, and open standards working groups from July 18th – 20th hosted by the Deutsche KinemathekZuse Institute Berlin, and

Register Here!


The MediaConch project and this symposium has received funding from PREFORMA, co-funded by the European Commission under it’s FP7-ICT Programme.



MediaArea is eager to build a community of collaborators and testers to integrate the software in their workflows and participate in usability testing. Please contact us if you’d like to be involved!


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Visit the PREFORMA Website

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