DPF Manager: new release ready to download!




After the redesign phase, a new version of the DPF Manager is available. The version 2.0 includes many new functionalities and improvements and is now ready to download.

The main changes of this version are the following:

  • The graphical interface has been redesigned, using a better lightweight framework.
  • The console window has been integrated within a widget in the GUI itself.
  • Now it is much easier for developers to edit and create new implementation checkers, because they are now written with XML files, instead of hardcoded in the source.
  • logging system has been created for easier error reporting.
  • The DPF Manager now provides an API for external developers to be able to communicate with it, performing checks and receiving the reports.

More detailed information on all the changes in this new version can be found in GitHub.


Please download DPF Manager and test the 2.0 release. Your feedback is essential to keep improving the software.


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