World Day for Audiovisual Heritage


The Girona City Council, through the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI, abbreviated in Catalan) and with the collaboration of the Cinema Museum, celebrated once more the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage with several activities:

The virtual exhibition “Girona – Gävle. On the shores of two seas. From the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Bothnia. 1880 – 1914. “. The aim of that exhibition is to show the different European cultural identities through the analysis of photographs from both cities in this period.

The Photography Museum of Girona,  a new virtual museum available through mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) and through the website. This museum has the aim to exhibit the most representative images of Girona Photography History. You can visit currently the first gallery, devoted to the work of the photographer Josep Buil Mayral (Girona, 1920 – Eivissa, 2005).

Cases Studies. A new resource that has been developed and coordinated by the Photographic and Audiovisual Archives Group (PAAG) of the International Council on Archives (ICA). This is a project based on cases studies in which specific archival interventions realized on photographic and audiovisual collections are analysed. The aim is to create a methodology based on real experience. The resource is aimed mainly at the international archival community.

The audiovisual series “The light of cinema” through The Audiovisual Heritage website: These series consists of 28 short clips about the history of pre-cinema. They show how the original devices, all them from the museum collection, work.

Four audiovisuals, made with the CRDI footage, which show the evolution of four emblematic places in the city: the Cathedral, the Rambla, the Devesa and the Independence square.

More information available here (PDF, 41 Kb)


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