veraPDF 1.10 released on International Digital Preservation Day


veraPDF-logo-600-300x149The latest version of veraPDF is now available to download. veraPDF is an open source PDF/A validator, and version 1.10 marks the first release of veraPDF as part of the Open Preservation Foundation’s (OPF) reference toolset.

This release has improved optimisation for the creation and cleanup of temporary files and parsing of text-related data in PDF documents. It also fixes some minor issues that users who have upgraded to Java version 9 may have encountered, including a failure to start. There are also a number of other fixes and improvements which are documented in the latest release notes.

Release notes

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Most of the changes in this release are in response to the constructive feedback we’ve received from our users. Testing and user feedback is key to improving the software. Please download and use the latest release. If you experience problems, or wish to suggest improvements, please add them to the project’s GitHub issue tracker:

Getting started
User guides and documentation are published at:


Support veraPDF

veraPDF is open source, free to download, to use and to modify. However, it is not free to host, maintain, support or continue to develop the software. Currently only OPF members support veraPDF financially as part of their membership fees.

How can you help?

  • Become an OPF member;
  • Make a donation to OPF and veraPDF development;
  • Volunteer your time and skills by improving the software and documentation.


About veraPDF

veraPDF was originally funded by the PREFORMA project ( PREFORMA (PREservation FORMAts for culture information/e-archives) was a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project co-funded by the European Commission under its FP7-ICT Programme. The project’s main aim was to address the challenge of implementing standardised file formats for preserving digital objects in the long term, giving memory institutions full control over the acceptance and management of preservation files into digital repositories. veraPDF is now maintained by the Open Preservation Foundation.

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