UNESCO/PERSIST Guidelines for the selection of digital heritage for long-term preservation


L to R: Ingrid Parent, Dr. Abdulla El Reyes, Julia Brungs, Frank la Rue. CC BY-SA 2.0

The UNESCO PERSIST Project, an initiative of UNESCO, ICA, IFLA and other partners, for enhancing the sustainability of digital heritage, has now launched the UNESCO/PERSIST Guidelines for the selection of digital heritage for long-term preservation.

The aim of the Guidelines is to provide an overarching starting point for libraries, archives, museums and other heritage institutions when drafting their own policies on the selection of digital heritage for long-term sustainable digital preservation.

​​​The Guidelines target institutions, professionals and administrators on every level and in every region of the world in order to review existing material for selection, highlight important issues, and offer guidance when drafting institutional policies, they were written by a team of seven authors from the libraries, archives, and museums community.

The UNESCO PERSIST Project encourages everyone to use the Guidelines as a starting point for the institutional policies and is looking for feedback from institutions which have used or are interested/planning/thinking on using them in order to improve them and make them truly usable for all communities.


Please send your feedback/suggestions/comments and success stories to: cultural.heritage@ifla.org.


You can find the Guidelines in English, Arabic and French here: http://www.ifla.org/node/10315?og=7607.


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