Software benchmarking in digital preservation


opf-site-logoAs the digital preservation community is increasingly deploying tools into productive environments, the need to systematically evaluate and share evidence about the quality of these tools has become a pressing need. At the Benchmarking Forum at IPRES 2015, researchers, community organizations and practitioners discussed opportunities and challenges in adopting software benchmarking as a systematic tool for evaluating digital preservation tools. Outcomes include an initial set of benchmark specifications for targeted scenarios elaborated jointly during the workshop, and a set of concrete collaborative actions to take place in 2016.

pfo_benchmarkdpThis webinar will widen the conversation to include those who were unable to attend IPRES, provide a summary of key concepts, but most importantly, provide an opportunity to join efforts with BenchmarkDP, OPF and the PREFORMA Project to establish an initial set of high-interest scenarios for benchmarking and identify opportunities for the community for future collaboration.

After establishing a common ground in software benchmarking several participants will present specific benchmark scenarios and report on the achievements since the IPRES workshop. Presentations include the following:

  • Christoph Becker, Kresimir Duretec, Artur Kulmukhametov, Andreas Rauber will provide concise summaries of key concepts of benchmarking and example scenarios resulting from recent work in the BenchmarkDP project;
  • Bengt Neiss will provide a use case of the Preforma project to illustrate how benchmarking is applied in a format validation scenario; and
  • Carl Wilson, Technical Lead of the OPF, will talk about the OPF’s testing platform.

The webinar will conclude with an interactive session to continue and broaden the discussion initiated at the Benchmarking Forum at IPRES 2015.

The following recent publications provide a background to this webinar

  1. Duretec K, Kulmukhametov A, Rauber A, Becker C. Benchmarks for Digital Preservation tools. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Digital Preservation (IPRES), Chapel Hill, NC, USA, 2015. available from:
  2. Becker C, Duretec K, Kulmukhametov A, Rauber A. The Benchmarking Forum at IPRES 2015. DLib Magazine Volume 22, Issue ½, 2016. Available from:



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We will use Google Hangouts for this webinar. After registering, we will send the Hangout link to participants. It will also be recorded.


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