PREFORMA at the XV Congrés d’Arxivística de Catalunya



On 28-30 May 2015, in Lleida, the XV Archive Congress of Catalonia is being held, aimed at investigating and developing best practice for digital preservation.
As PREFORMA Project representative, Bert Lemmens from PACKED (Centre of Expertise in Digital Heritage, based in Brussels) is intervening with a speech on “Selecting Formats for Digital Preservation”.

Hereafter the event programme.



Thursday 28 May 2015

09.00h – 10.00h Opening

10.00h – 11.00h Plenary Hall: “What do we talk about in talking of preservation?” by Nancy McGovern


11.00h – 11.30h Coffee break


11.30h – 13.30h Round Table: “Catalan experience of digital preservation” by Maite Muñoz, Raimon Nualart, Karibel Pérez, Raimon Nualart. Moderator: Lluis-Esteve Casellas


13.30h – 15.30h Lunch


15.30h – 16.30h Plenary Hall: “Services and technologies for digital preservation” by José Carlos Ramalho
16.30h – 17.30h Round Table: “How does a digital repository work?” by Miguel Ángel Márdero, Jordi Serrano. Moderator: Miquel Térmens


17.30h – 18.00h Coffee break


18.00h – 19.00h Plenary Hall: “Selecting formats for digital preservation” by Bert Lemmens
19.00h – 20.00h Round Table: “Integration of document management and digital preservation” by Empar Costa, Pepita Raventós, Eva Roca. Moderator: Raimon Nualart


Friday 29 May 2015

09.00h – 10.00h Plenary Hall: “What do we talk about in talking of cloud services?” by Ricard de la Vega
10.00h – 11.00h Plenary Hall: “How to plan digital preservation?” by Barbara Sierman


11.00h – 11.30h Coffee break


11.30h – 13.30h Round Table: “Digital preservation as a service (SaaS: Software as a Service)” by Antonio Guillermo, Pep Lluís de la Rosa, Ramon Ros, Mario Yélamos


13.30h – 15.30h Lunch


15.30h – 16.30h Plenary Hall: “And all that is left out? What do I archive when I say I archive?” by Thomas Risse
16.30h – 17.30h Round Table: “Is it safe to outsource the digital custody?” by Ramón Miralles, Javier Prenafeta, Oriol Torruella. Moderator: Nacho Alamillo


17.30h – 19.00h Coffee break


17.30h – 19.30h Parallel Round Table: “The new ISO 9001:2015: An opportunity for improvement of document management”. Activity organised in cooperation with the XV Spanish Documentation Day

17:45h General meeting


Saturday 30 May 2015

09.00h – 10.00h Plenary Hall: “Digital archives in a networked world” by Luís Antonio Castrillo, Aránzanzu Lafuente
10.00h – 11.00h Plenary Hall: “Impact of the new state legislation” by Nacho Alamillo


11.00h – 11.30h Coffee break


11.30h – 13.00h Round table: Public policies of digital preservation by Enric Cobo, Miquel Estapé, Eugènia Serra, Ingrid Gómez. Moderator: Jordi Serra

13.00h – 13.30h Closing

logo_XV congrés

For further info visit the event website (Catalan language)


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