Photography Pilot on show at exhibition “Kunst in eigen Huis”


E-Space Photography Pilot was a guest exhibitor at the “Kunst in eigen Huis” (Art at Home) event on 22-23 October 2015 in Leuven, Belgium.

The event was organized by KU Leuven groups of Seniores and students in Cultural Studies and wanted to showcase some of the best examples of creativity. the Photography pilot joined the exhibition exactly because it intends to stimulate “the creative energy that emerges when youths interact with cultural heritage. We decided to show part of the E-Space collection, supplied by Photoconsortium, a beautiful sample of highlights of the photo collection at the City Archive of Leuven, part of the “All Our Yesterdays” exhibition digitized with the help of European subsidies in EuropeanaPhotography.


All Our Yesterdays: Andere Tijden / Andere Steden – curator Sofie Taes – copyright Stadsarchief Leuven

The exhibition was accompained by opening speeches, including one by Prof. Fred Truyen, coordinator of EuropeanaPhotography and president of Photoconsortium, showing some other top pieces of the All Our Yesterdays collection.

An interesting event follows this one: on the November 27th, at the City Archive Leuven, seniors, students, citizens of Leuven and surrounding towns are invited to a  “Bring your own Photos” event, where digitization specialist Bruno Vandermeulen will convert in digital format the photos brought in by the citizens. Moreover, photographer Frederik van den Broeck will do a demonstration about the traditional wet collodion technique.

Read the whole article by Fred Truyen here

Learn more about the upcoming Photography Hackathon.




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