Museums Pilot at the EDV Tage in Theuern (Bavaria, Germany)


CC BY-SA 3.0 Jacquesverlaeken

by Marlene Scholz, SPK

From the 16th to the 18th September 2015 the annual conference “EDV Tage” (EDP Days) took place in Theuern, a picturesque village between Nuremberg and Regensburg. At the 27 years old event German representatives of both the cultural industry and museum professionals such as the State Office for Non-state Museums in Bavaria but also small non-profit associations got together. Under the conference subject “Media (use) in Museums” they presented different exhibition models using applications, web services and electronic devices. Every presentation was followed by intense discussions where costs, durability and extra work played an important role.

The “EDV Tage” were for the E|Space Partner SPK a perfect occasion to present Blinkster as an ‘easy to handle’ app solution. Offering the prospect of an upcoming evaluation of the app in combination with guidelines how to implement the app, SPK got a very positive feedback from the audience. Many of the listeners got interested in following the E|Space activities.

EDV tage

A next event where SPK will present E|Space is the “Berliner Herbsttreffen zur Museumsdokumentation” (Annual Berlin Autumn meeting  – museums documentation) (12-14/10/15). The Fachgruppe Museumsdokumentation (Museum Documentation Professional Group) was founded at the general assembly of the German Museum Association in 1994. It organizes conferences at least twice a year, offering a professional forum for information exchange about questions of conventional and IT based museum documentation.

On this occasion, SPK will also start a first evaluation of Blinkster with the working group “Multimedia”. SPK is already excited about the end users’ feedback.


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