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First Horizon 2020 funding for innovation procurement available now


December 2013 the European Commission adopted the 2014-2020 research and innovation funding program Horizon 2020 that makes available €140 Million in 2014-2015 to support procurers from around Europe to cooperate on innovation procurement in areas such as Health, Food, Energy, Transport, Climate Change, ICT & Research Infrastructures.

Innovation procurement in Horizon 2020 encompasses Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI) that focus on development respectively deployment of innovative solutions. Calls are open for:

  • Coordination and support actions: 100% EU funding for the coordination and networking costs to cooperate on identifying opportunities and preparing for future PCPs / PPIs
  • PCP or PPI Cofund actions: 70% respectively 20% EU funding for the costs – including the PCP or PPI procurement cost itself – to prepare and undertake a PCP or PPI procurement

23 January 2014 info and networking day in Brussels: following presentations and participants list are uploaded here:

More info in following sections of the ICT Work Program:

  • ICT-35(f): €1M call for CSAs for procurers interested to prepare future PCPs/PPIs (call deadline: 23 April 2014)
  • ICT-36: €4M call for PCP Cofund actions for procurers interested to do a PCP (call deadline: 14 April 2015)

PCP or PPI cofund actions can be preceded by CSA actions.

For people that were unable to attend the info day, the videotape of the entire day will be posted here as well shortly.

All official Horizon 2020 documents are published here, including the work programs detailing all the calls and the Horizon 2020 work program Annex detailing the funding modalities (in particular D & E for PCP and PPI).

Go to the Horizon 2020 Participant Portal to get all info about the calls and start drafting and submitting your proposal.


Upcoming Events – Finding partners for PCP and PPI calls


Upcoming workshop with Smart Specialisation Platform – Thessaloniki (end March – beginning April 2014)

Online networking with other procurers

Interested to have a look at / get touch with on-going EU funded PCP projects

Info about PCP projects in the ICT domain funded by DG CONNECT can be found on the EU funded projects page of the PCP website. Overview presentation of all ongoing PCP and PPI related projects funded by DG CONNECT here.


News from EU funded PCP and PPI projects


New projects started (more info on the EU funded projects page of the PCP website):

  • UNWIRED HEALTH started 1 January 2014 that plans to undertake a PCP to establish a mobile care path for patient centric care for vaccination and heart failure cases.
  • NYMPHA-MD started 1 January 2014 that plans to undertake a PCP on mental care for bipolar disorders.
  • PREFORMA started 1 January 2014 that plans to undertake a PCP on long term digital preservation.
  • P4ITS started 1 December 2013. P4ITS is a coordination and support action that networks public procurers that plan to shortly embark on PPI of ITS solutions (Intelligent Transport Systems).

Interested suppliers are invited to participate in the online market consultation (closes 28 Feb 2014) for the THALEA PCP that focuses on a highly interoperable telemedicine-platform for detection of Intensive Care Unit-patients at increased risk.

On 4 April 2014, PREFORMA organizes a market consultation with potentially interested suppliers in preparation of the PREFORMA PCP on long term digital preservation.


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