Europeana Space Jam at Culture Jam 2015


by Kelly Mostert, NISV


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At the Europeana Creative “Culture Jam” event, the closing conference of the widely praised Europeana Creative project at the National Library of Austria on July 9th and 10th, the Europeana Space project was brought to the attention of the creative industry scene in Austria. During various sessions the EuropeanaTV pilot was demonstrated and the upcoming hackathons and business modelling workshops were announced.


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EuropeanaTV at Culture Jam 2015
The EuropeanaTV pilot was promoted by Kelly Mostert during “Poster Madness!” and through a poster stand in the beautiful ONB reception hall. The poster attracted the attention of several creative entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. Furthermore, during a demonstration session the EuropeanaTV pilot and several apps were demonstrated and explained by Kelly Mostert in the workshop space.




Europeana Space as sister project to Europeana Creative
Gregory Markus held a talk in the main conference room on the closing day of the conference to talk about E-Space, its relation to the Europeana Creative project and how the project intends to tackle incubation of the creative concepts that come out of it. The talk was well received and Europeana Space definitely gained more spotlight as the Europeana Creative project comes to a close and E-Space remains to continue the efforts of finding new ways for sustainable and marketable creative re-use of digitised cultural heritage material.


Read more about the highlights of Creative Culture Jam 2015:


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