E-Space creative marketing workshop. Innovation for Cultural Heritage


Digital Meets Culture, official media partner of the event, presents the E-Space creative marketing workshop “Digital Culture, Social Media and Innovation for the Cultural Heritage

The cultural sector has always been facing the great challenge of building its audience, but the digital shift changed radically how cultural heritage is made, disseminated, distributed, accessed, consumed and monetised. One of the most important revolutions is that the visitors’ role changed dramatically, shifting from passive observers to active participants and contents producers.

This workshop, taking place in Pisa’s Scuola Normale Superiore on 9 October 2015, will explore different ways of communicating cultural contents with the use of new media and will show how a greater audience can be reached by combining the power of social media and storytelling.


Piazza dei Cavalieri, Pisa

Piazza dei Cavalieri, Pisa


The event, hosted by Fondazione Sistema Toscana in cooperation with Invasioni Digitali, is being held in the framework of the Internet Festival.


Participation is free of charge but subject to online registration. For registering click here.


Participants shall have at least one active social media profile. After the plenary presentations, they will be divided in groups. Each group will be assigned a tutor and a specific theme to develop. Groups will leave the building and collect materials (pictures, videos…) with their smartphones around the city. Groups will then have time to elaborate their contents before they present them to the audience.

B.Y.O.D.! – You’ll be using mainly your smartphones and computer (for post production). We’ll provide tables, chairs and plugs.

During the hands on and co-creation session there will be a free refreshment corner available for participants with coffee, drinks and sandwiches.


Download the workshop agenda


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