DISH conference upcoming! with 2015 theme: Money and Power


On December 7th and 8th 2015 the next edition of DISH, the conference about digital strategies for heritage, will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The theme for DISH2015 is Money and Power.


DISH 2015 banner


About DISH
Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is the bi-annual international conference on digital heritage and the opportunities it offers to cultural organisations. Triggered by changes in society, heritage organisations face many challenges and need to make strategic decisions about their services. This year the fourth edition of the Digital Strategies for Heritage conference is jointly organised by the DEN Foundation (Digital Heritage Netherlands), Het Nieuwe Instituut and Europeana.


Theme and tracks
On the DISH website you can read more about the main theme Money and Power. The four tracks that accompany this theme are: Lose your modesty!, Stand up for yourself!, Lose control, gain influence! and Power to the people!.

Speakers are announced and the preliminary programme is online

For more information and tickets, please see Have any questions or suggestions? You can reach us contact or send a tweet to @DISHconference!


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