‘Aerial photogrammetry with drones’ Workshop


The workshop “Aerial photogrammetry surveys with drones” was held at Tirana’s National Museum on Friday, 13th of March 2015.

Antigonea,  © photo: GeoInformatiX&DroneSense-Univ. Macerata

Antigonea: dense cloud snapshot from 3D Model
© photo: GeoInformatiX&DroneSense-Univ. Macerata

It presented examples of aerial photogrammetry surveys conducted by means of drones in the Albanian Drino Valley, Valona Region, in the Hellenistic sites of Hadrianopolis, Jergucat, Frashtan and Antigonea. The surveys were carried out in the framework of the project ReBeD of Macerata’s University  – organiser of the workshop together with the Italian Institute of Culture – for the documentation and promotion of the Drino valley’s cultural heritage.

The frames were elaborated with the Structure from Motion (SfM) method in order to obtain high-resolution 3D models.

Hereafter the workshop programme:


Coordinated by: Roberto Perna


9.30  – Greetings


  • M. Kumbaro
    (Ministry of Culture)
  • S.E.M. Gaiani
    (Ambassador of Italy)
  • A. Frisenna
    (Head of the Italian Institutes of Culture in Tirana)
  • C. Pesaresi
    (Adriatic Project, Marche Region)
  • L. Perzhita
    (Head of the Albanian Archaeological Institute)


10.30 – Interventions


  • R. Perna
    (University of Macerata)
  • D. Condi
    (Head of the Albanian Archaeological Institute)
  • A. Antinori
    (Geoinformatix, University of Macerata)
  • A. Kasi, M. Kocollari
    (Regional Management Gjirokaster’s Cultural Monument)
  • M. Sargolini, C. Gamberoni, R. Caprodossi (Terrepuntoit, University of Camerino)


Download the programme in Italian language (PDF)

For more information visit GeoInformatiX of Alberto Antinori


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