International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES) 2015


OLD WELL 044iPRES is the premier international conference on the preservation and long term management of digital materials. The iPRES 2015 will be held on November 2-6, 2015 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Contributions are currently being sought that present research and innovative practice in digital preservation.

The iPRES 2015 conference is seeking contributions from research and innovative practice in digital preservation.

The conference site is:

This call is available at:

Author information and guidelines are at:


Contribution topics

iPRES 2015 welcome contributions that address at least one of the following topics:

1. Institutional opportunities and challenges

  • local, regional and national approaches
  • legislative context and requirements
  • institutional contexts for preservation
  • collaboration and alignment
  • collection content profiling
  • research data management
  • personal archiving
  • documenting authenticity and integrity
  • demonstrating benefits and incentives
  • providing and documenting added value
  • evaluating options: products, tools, registries, services, service providers
  • exploring the potential of bartering

2. Infrastructure (organizational and technological) opportunities and challenges

  • intelligent and secure storage
  • scalability
  • complex formats
  • large web data sets
  • software and hardware dependencies
  • system architectures and requirements
  • distributed and cloud-based implementations
  • digital forensics
  • standards-based practice

3. Frameworks for digital preservation

  • models
  • standards and practice
  • core concepts
  • business models
  • sustainability and economic viability

4. Preservation strategies and workflows

  • preservation strategies (e.g., migration, emulation, normalization)
  • preservation metadata management
  • preservation planning and action
  • archival storage and archival packages
  • acquisition, ingest, and submission packages
  • long-term access management and dissemination packages
  • measuring and mediating risks
  • content-specific approaches (e.g., GIS, digital art, audiovisual, research data, web-based content, models)

5. Innovative practice

  • implementations
  • repositories
  • issues and wins
  • lessons learned
  • the future of digital preservation

6. Training and education

  • educational needs
  • evaluating curricula and impacts
  • innovative offerings
  • support for lifelong learning
  • career management


Program strands

iPRES 2015 is being structured around two key strands – research and innovative practice. Papers are invited for both strands.

The purpose of this distinction is to promote work from both a research and innovative practice perspective and work that is clearly rooted in the actual experience of institutions undertaking digital preservation. We expect that there will be work that manages to encapsulate both of these strands, and that is welcomed.

All papers for iPRES 2015 should:

  • be leading edge
  • be innovative
  • help inform debate around what digital preservation is.

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