Excellent evaluation for Preforma!


On 26 March 2015, in Brussels, project Preforma underwent its first review, obtaining an excellent evaluation.

Brussels, Grand Place

Brussels, Grand Place

The EC reviewers gave the consortium useful recommendations for the project’s continuation, in particular to improve the networking activities and to start the preparation of the datasets to be used to test the prototypes that are being developed by the three suppliers that were selected as a result of the last evaluation:

  • VeraPDF Consortium (to work on PDF/A)
  • Easy Innova (to work on TIFF)
  • MediaArea (to work on MKV/FFV1/LPCM)

The 3 consortia mentioned above will start working from April 14, 2015  to develop an open-source toolset for conformance checking of digital files intended for long-term preservation in memory institutions.

Shortly the Preforma project will launch its Open Source portal, so STAY TUNED on www.preforma-project.eu!


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