Topic: preforma

D8.1R2 Competitive Evaluation Strategy

This second release of D8.1 “Competitive Evaluation Strategy” [Agosti et al., 2014] has a twofold goal: In December 2016 there will be the final tender of the PREFORMA project which is aimed at selecting the suppliers which will participate in … Continue reading

D3.7.1 Initial version of Sustainability and Exploitation Plan

This deliverable describes the initial version of the sustainability and exploitation plan of PREFORMA, including a preliminary impact assessment conducted through an analysis of the level of activity generated in the community, of the test cases carried out so far … Continue reading

D3.5 Experience Workshop

The Experience Workshop took place Berlin on 23 November 2016, in connection with the second Prototype Demonstration. The PREFORMA partners shared their experiences of working with suppliers under R&D service agreements with other memory institutions. The morning session focused on … Continue reading

D3.4 – Open Source Workshop

Deliverable D3.4 reports on the Open Source Workshop that was based on the availability of the first prototype on the Open Source Portal and the results of the first demonstration organised by the suppliers. The workshop was organised by the … Continue reading

D8.8 – Monitoring of the Open Source Project implementation

Deliverable D8.8 reports on monitoring of the Open Source Project implementations. Based on development efforts for each supplier, this deliverable provides feedback on their use of: an open work practice for development; frequent open releases; and promotion activities aiming towards … Continue reading

D8.3 First Prototype Report

This deliverable presents the results of the 1st part of the Prototyping phase in the PREFORMA project. It consists of four distinguishable parts. The first part (chapter 1 to 3) gives the overall context, including aims and objectives, documents particularly … Continue reading

D8.2 Design – First Report

This deliverable is considered to be the report on the activities related to the preparation and procedure of the design phase #1. This first phase of the suppliers’ work started with the design, the definition, and the specification of the … Continue reading

Procurement Week 2016: Bootcamp

Procurement Week is a bi-annual, international conference, that aims to explore the many facets of Public Procurement such as Public Tendering, Business Development, Procurement Law and International Trade. ‘Procurement Week 2016: Bootcamp’, is an event that explores the Modernisation, Flexibility, and Simplification of the EU Procurement Directives and will be held at Bangor University on the 9th and 10th June. Continue reading

Scenario workshop on Open eGovernment Services

How Can the Public Sector Become an Agent of Innovation? As part of the preparatory work for the definition of the New eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 the European Commission DG CONNECT has asked to PwC, Open Evidence and the Institute of Baltic Studies to organise a Scenario Workshop on the future of Open eGovernment Services. The event will take place in Brussels on the 31th of May 2016. Continue reading

D4.3 Functions of the Open Source Portal

Deliverable D4.3 reports the functions of the Open Source Portal and the requirements for each associated Open Source project web site. Specifically, this deliverable sets out the direction for how the work in WP6 will be conducted. Each open source … Continue reading