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The IS&T (Society for Imaging Science and Technology) arranges its conference, Archiving 2017, in Riga (Latvia) 15-18 May. Riksarkivet (the Swedish National Archive) has been invited to the conference to hold a course about file formats for preservation on the 15th of May.


The course will take the form of a workshop with the purpose to concretise the work done in Riksarkivet’s research and development program ArkivE 2.0 — fundamental principles for selection of format — by using the tools developed in the PREFORMA project.


The questions the workshop aims to answer are:

  • What is meant with “format”?
  • What makes a format suitable for long time preservation?
  • What makes a format suitable for long time preservation appropriate in a specific case?
  • What is the importance of a Conformance Checker?


The workshop is followed up with two additional specialized courses; first on PDF/A (Challenges and Validation Tools), and after that, on TIFF (Archival Recommendations). These two courses are lead by the developers behind veraPDF and DPFManager respectively.


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