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opf-site-logoThe Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) has launched an online survey to assess the current state-of-the-art in digital preservation practices. The survey explores the adoption of digital preservation approaches and technology.

Both the findings and data from the survey will be published openly; the findings will enable peer institutions to benchmark their practice with others, and the data will allow others to carry out their own analysis of the results. However, the information in both the findings and data will be fully anonymised so that individual organisations cannot be identified.

We are interested to hear from a broad range of institution types and sizes to allow analysis of trends across the sector.

‘We recently ran a similar survey among our members to identity shared priorities and inform our strategic planning’ explains Ed Fay, OPF Executive Director.

‘The community survey will help to build a picture of the current digital preservation landscape and to raise awareness of effective tools and approaches that are being used in institutions around the world. The results will focus where OPF can support the community and foster open collaboration’.

About the survey

There are 20 questions in the survey. It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

We ask that you only provide one response per organisation. We have put together a printable guidance document to explain the purpose and format of each question, should you wish to consult with others.

Guidance document




The closing date for the survey is Friday 23 January 2015.


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