Last updates from the international project“ Reconnecting with Your Culture”


The online webinar in Lima, Peru, last 31th July, has been a success with many people from different countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.
The presentation is now available in Spanish, but very soon it will be published also the version in English and French.
Tomorrow, September the 2nd , the promoters are expected for a new webinar in Colombia:
As already announced, the initiative is addressed to children and teenagers from 5 to 17 years old and aims at promoting the active participation of young citizen to the cultural heritage of their towns and cities with the goal to foster dialogue and social cohesion within the world.
What they have to do is to walk around the town, armed by a travel log, compass and drawing tools and draft an itinerary, taking notes and drawing what they see and what, in their opinion, is interesting and noteworthy.
The challenge is to turn themselves into explorers and to look for uncharted treasures. Once they have concluded with their research they will have the possibility to publish their discover: the map they build, the notes they take and their drawings will be the toolkit for sharing knowledge and culture with people around the world.
More information:
Link to the presentation in Lima:
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Here you can read an article in Italian, published after the presentation in Lima:
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