IASA 2016 Annual Conference


iasa_logo11IASA, the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives, welcomes you to participate in the 47th Annual IASA Conference hosted by and held at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., USA from 25-29 September 2016.

IASA invites everyone engaged in or simply curious about the discovery, care, preservation, and dissemination of our sound and audiovisual heritage, to join us in the US capital and explore the digital landscape as it impacts and benefits us all.

This year’s conference theme, A World of Opportunity: Audiovisual Archives and the Digital Landscape, will touch upon and delve deeply into the following sub-themes:

  • Born digital audiovisual content
  • Continuing issues surrounding digitization (dematerialization)
  • International access to intellectual property
  • Planning for and supporting large files and large data storage
  • Content integrity and authenticity
  • Metadata management for internal and external uses
  • Managing obsolescence in formats, software, and hardware

The programme includes papers, keynotes, posters, tutorials and practical workshops.


MediaArea has been accepted for the paper “Status of CELLAR: Update from an IETF Working Group for Archival Audiovisual Formats“.


For further information visit the Conference website.


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