EIUG/IIUG Joint Conference




The EIUG (European Innovative Users Group) 2015 conference will be a joint conference with the Irish Innovative Users Group (IIUG).  The conference will be hosted by Trinity College Dublin and will take place on 6th and 7th July 2015.  You can register for the conference at https://eiug-iiug-conference2015.eventbrite.co.uk


Innovative Personnel Attending EIUG/IIUG Joint Conference

The following III personnel have been confirmed as attending this year’s joint conference:

  • Leif Pedersen  – Senior VP of Product Management, R&D and Marketing
  • John Owens –  Director of Technical Support
  • Robert Jacobs –  Sales Director, Europe and Africa
  • Charo Díez – Senior Manager (VTLS/EMEA), Customer Support
  • Graham Woodruff –  Sales Account Manager
  • Cat Strong-  Sales Account Manager
  • Colin Carter – Director of Library Engagement
  • Richard Bramwell – Sales Account Manager
  • Sílvia Guivernau  – Library Relations Manager, EMEA


If you would like to present or have any ideas for the conference please contact one of the EIUG committee.


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