D8.8 – Monitoring of the Open Source Project implementation


Deliverable D8.8 reports on monitoring of the Open Source Project implementations. Based on development efforts for each supplier, this deliverable provides feedback on their use of: an open work practice for development; frequent open releases; and promotion activities aiming towards a sustainable community. In particular, it focuses on establishing sustainable communities, together with an assessment of how this is succeeded. The deliverable presents an evaluation of how each open source project implementation adheres to requirements expressed in deliverable D4.3. In so doing, the deliverable provides an evaluation of the extent to which best practices from community driven open source projects have been adopted with adherence to full transparency for all digital assets. Specifically, the evaluation considers software and associated digital assets provided via links to developed and provided resources (including source code, executables, and test files) and tools (including software configuration management system, mailing lists, and build environment) used in each open source project. An important outcome from this evaluation is a report on adherence to requirements (as specified in D4.3) and an assessment of how contracted organisations have managed to establish thriving and long-term sustainable open source communities of relevance for memory institutions and other stakeholder groups.


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