D4.3 Functions of the Open Source Portal


Deliverable D4.3 reports the functions of the Open Source Portal and the requirements for each associated Open Source project web site. Specifically, this deliverable sets out the direction for how the work in WP6 will be conducted. Each open source project utilises established work practices for community based open source projects hosted on open platforms. The Open Source Portal shall constitute a cohesive entry point to all open source projects. As such it provides links to developed and provided resources (including source code, executables, and test files) and tools (including software configuration management system, mailing lists, and build environment) used in each open source project. Developed and provided resources will be available during and after the conduction of the formal PREFORMA project. With adoption of best practices from community driven open source projects and adherence to full transparency for all digital assets, contracted organisations are well placed to successfully establish thriving and long-term sustainable open source communities of relevance for memory institutions and other stakeholder groups.


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