D4.1 Public Website


This document provides an overview on the progress of the online branding strategy for PREFORMA and provides a reference point for all necessary actions regarding the promotion of PREFORMA’s web presence.

It also aims to provide an overall description of the PREFORMA project website, the various sections, technical infrastructures and related services, including the blog on Digitalmeetsculture.net

The promotional elements addressed in the document are the design and definition of the PREFORMA logo, its tagline and graphic elements (including the website graphics and layout).

The current document is comprised of four main Chapters, an Executive Summary, Conclusions and an Annex.

Chapter 1 describes the PREFORMA logo, branding and visual identity.

Chapter 2 offers a detailed overview of PREFORMA’s website layout and structure, the public and reserved areas and the blog.

Chapter 3 describes the technical infrastructure, the tools and the additional services that are embedded in the website, e.g. web feeds, analysis tools etc.

Chapter 4 describes the workflow of the editorial team.

Chapter 5 presents some final considerations and draws the conclusions.

Finally, the Annex contains the content of the website’s various sections.


Visit the PREFORMA Blog

Visit the PREFORMA Website

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