D2.2 Tender Specifications


Deliverable 2.2 presents the tender requirements and assessment procedures that have been in included in the Call for Tender of the PREFORMA Pre-Commercial Procurement. This deliverable compiles the content from the following tender documents:

  • the Challenge Brief, which sets forth the overall challenge for long term preservation of digital files to be addressed by the PREFORMA Research & Development activities, i.e. empowering memory institutions to gain control over the technical properties of preservation files by developing an open-source conformance checker and establishing a healthy ecosystem around an open source ‘reference’ implementation.
  • the Exclusion Criteria from the Invitation to Tender, which covers the tender criteria for avoiding the selection of technology providers that have been sentenced or are subject to a judicial procedure involving fraud, corruption, money laundering or organised crime.
  • the Minimum Requirements from the Invitation to Tender, which covers the tender criteria for ensuring the services offered are meeting the core objectives defined in the PREFORMA Challenge Brief and that these services are compliant with the definition of Research & Development services defined by the EU public Procurement directive 2004/18/EC, as well as the Swedish national requirements concerning safety, ethics, and healthcare regulation.
  • the Assessment of Tenders from the Invitation to Tender, which presents the formal procedure for evaluating the received tenders and selecting the technology providers.
  • the Question and Answers Document, which contains the most common PCP-related questions that tenderers should read before filling out the Tender Form.

By compiling these five sections in one deliverable, PREFORMA aims to provide:

  • a clear description of the research and development component of the PREFORMA PCP and the relation between the PREFORMA challenge and the PREFORMA tender
  • the scope and a detailed description of the challenge that the PREFORMA PCP addresses, and
  • a transparent and comprehensive overview of the criteria used for selecting technology providers that can participate in the research and development activities.

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