Archivematica Mediaconch integration webinar


MediaConch is a policy and implementation checker for use with Matroska, FFV1 and PCM files. Through funding provided by the PREFORMA project, MediaArea has been collaborating on integrating this tool into Archivematica. So far, they have been working on:

  • making MediaConch an option for validating original file formats in Transfer
  • making a new micro-service to allow MediaConch to validate the results of normalization in Ingest
  • making new micro-services to allow users to upload a policy created with MediaConch to Archivematica, which Archivematica will check both original files and the results of normalization against.

They’ve also used this opportunity to think about how Archivematica models audio-visual material in the METS file and are exploring modeling bitstreams in the METS.

During the webinar,  Dave Rice and Natalie Cadranel from MediaArea  gave a demonstration of MediaConch, followed by a demo by Sarah Romkey from Artefactual of the implementation in Archivematica so far.



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