The human factor in energy transition & security towards 2050 – seminar by MILESECURE project


The International Seminar “THE HUMAN FACTOR IN ENERGY TRANSITION & SECURITY TOWARDS 2050” aims at discussing the above topic, presenting the final results of the EU MILESECURE-2050 project.


The project work-programme was articulated in three main stages. At the first stage, both a study of European main trends and policies and an analysis of a set of 90 “anticipatory experiences” of the transition towards low carbon society were conducted. At the second stage, the knowledge deriving from the above two studies was embodied in innovative forecasting models and scenarios. At the third stage, policy guidelines and a manifesto on the transition were drafted.

Following the project structure, this Seminar is organized around three key issues: Multidimensional Knowledge, Innovative Models and Effective Policies. For each of these issues, a paper highlights the main research outputs and stimulates discussion with European experts, energy stakeholders and policy makers in a specific working session.

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