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In March 2022, on the occasion of the next Mediterranean Tourism Exchange that is the most important b2b fair about tourism in the Mediterranean, a new digital resource will be presented to promote the area of Vesuvius and to facilitate visitors access information and organize their visit in the Campania Region: Vesuvius Tourism App.

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It is a free App concerning the Vesuvius Cultural Tourism offer, where users can access information, book and buy experiences and exclusive tours both in the Vesuvian area and the islands of the Gulf of Naples. Thanks to the patronage with public bodies as well as to the agreements with Tourism Offices, the Vesuvius Tourism App showcases a great variety of activities that represent a valuable regional tourist offer.

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The Vesuvius Tourism App is a quick, free and easy way to make this richness available to all. The App is thematically organized, so that the user can choose among many types of unique activities: archaeological sites, museums churches, cultural activities; sport and wellness, locations, nature, but also cinema, music, shows, restaurants, pizzerie, pubs hotels.

The App is created by Vesuvius Cultural Tourism, a social company aimed to promote the great potential of the Vesuvian territory, the colors of its landscape and the contradictions of its culture on a global scale. Under the patronage of public bodies, agreements with local companies and the organization of international events, the Vesuvius Cultural Tourism created a social net aimed to promote this area and its activities all over the world.

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