“Unlocking Sound Collections”, Europeana Sounds second international conference


The Europeana Sounds project organises its final international conference – “Unlocking Sound Collections” – on Friday 4th November 2016 in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.

After the success of its first international conference in 2015, which gathered more than 250 participants at the National Library of France, Europeana Sounds invites you to celebrate Europe’s vast sound heritage. The free 2016 conference will showcase the latest innovations to share this common heritage with the widest possible audience.

The conference will start at 9:30am and continue throughout the day until 5pm. The venue for the conference is the stunning historic building of Vilnius University, the oldest such institution in the Baltic states.

During the conference, inspiring keynote talks, interactive presentations and powerful live performances will blow your mind!

Take a look at the programme: http://www.europeanasounds.eu/europeana-sounds-2016-conference-programme

Meet the speakers: http://www.europeanasounds.eu/europeana-sounds-2016-speakers

Online FREE registration will be open until seating capacity has been filled.


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