UIC2The workshop was celebrated on Tuesday, May 13th, at The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) Barcelona’s Campus and served as the foundation of the RICHES Project research areas. The workshop outcomes established an initial agreement of basic definitions and frameworks which will delineate RICHES’ fields of research and further study on the context of change in which European Cultural Heritage (CH) is transmitted and on the role of CH in the economic and social development of Europe.

i2cat-logoRICHES (Renewal, innovation & Change: Heritage and European Society) is a European research project about change: about the decentring of culture and cultural heritage away from institutional structures towards the individual and about the questions which the advent of digital technologies is posing in relation to how we understand, collect and make available Europe’s cultural heritage. With this event, i2Cat and The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) joined forces to bridge the gap between the world of change in which the CH is reinventing itself, the academic community (professors, researchers and students) and the CH professionals and institutions. In addition, the event was a unique opportunity to disseminate the RICHES project amongst researchers, educators, scientists, industry professionals and policy makers and to promote the new strategies and fields of research taking place in the European context.

In conjunction with the workshop, the RICHES Consortium Partners joined for an internal Plenary Meeting, held on the 12th and 14th of May, in order to discuss the work so far undergone and plan their future research and management activities .

UICOver the past few months and after the workshop’s announcement, more than 50 attendees have registered to participate in the several open to all discussion sessions that took place during 13 May’s workshop. Apart from the Project partner’s representatives, a wide range of CH professionals, researchers, international guests – key figures in developing the field – and academia from the UIC and other Universities participated and contributed to the taxonomy and definitions of the contextual framework of the RICHES Project.

Such a successful call proves that the themes and issues gravitating around the Cultural Heritage in the digital era and the fields of research which delineate the RICHES project are rising interest and growing awareness.

Barcelona’s workshop enabled all participants to: 

– Elaborate and agree on a Taxonomy of Terms and Definitions which will support the project’s research.

– Share knowledge and enrich debate through the Network of Common Interest and its groups.

– Develop a framework of understanding of copyright and IPR laws as they relate to CH practice in the digital.

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