Preparing the exhibition of Open Hybrid Publishing pilot


Within the framework of Europeana Space, the Open and Hybrid Publishing Pilot exhibiton is under preparation since few months and will be launched soon. First, a call for creative works was published in the project blog, on the media partner and on Photomediations channels.

photomediation exhibit

Then, a CREATIVE REM!X JAM workshop was designed and run at Coventry University in the UK, and Photography Studies College at Melbourne in Australia as a preparation for the exhibition run by the pilot. The CREATIVE REM!X JAM workshop kit has also been disseminated to the Europeana community and wider photographic community, with the workshops being then taken up by other institutions (Sheffield, Portsmouth, London, Nottingham, Huddersfield, Brussels and Gent).

Open and Hybrid Publishing Pilot call for creative submissions for the exhibition closed on 31 March. We ultimately had 537 people engage with the exhibition site during March and received 300 creative submissions via social media & our submission form/email.

The judges of the contest were:

Editors of Photomediations: An Open Book

Katrina Sluis – The Photographers’ Gallery

Karen Newman – Birmingham Open Media

Pippa Milne – Centre for Contemporary Photography

Judging for the competition was completed with 1 overall winner, 3 runners-up and 6 honourable mentions (names still under embargo!).


The exhibition as it stands presently will run into 3 formats:

1. Online exhibition built into the creative call site so it connects with the education function and can easily be linked out from the Photomediations Open Book.

2. An ebook enabling a mobile offline viewing and downloadable format for the viewer

3. A pop-up exhibition available as a complete ‘frozen’ package with instructions, images, texts etc or as a zipped folder with the RAW material for people to self curate and reinterpret the material, add too etc.

To see a selection of images submitted click on the random open content generator on the exhibition website:



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