Memory ^ sentiment ^ body ^ space ^ object


DSP_52-1024x682Memory ^ sentiment ^ body ^ space ^object – Dialogues across and between dance and art is an interdisciplinary symposium that emerged from Body Space Object Roundtables at the School of Art and Design at Coventry University. It aims to consider how performative and material practices have articulated the embodied nature of memory and sentiment in relation to objects and space. Where is the common ground between dance and visual art? Does this common ground create a radical space for new thinking, making, performing and writing? How can the different ideas and practices of dance and art add richness to an understanding of memory, sentiment, body, space and object?

Contributions are invited that respond to these questions and address but are not limited to the following themes:

  • Hand and digital
  • Materials and making
  • Memory and loss
  • Displaced meaning
  • The body and autobiography
  • Moving image and the haptic
  • Dyspraxia and disorientation
  • Translocality
  • Virtual and augmented spaces
  • The intersection of mind and body in acts of dwelling
  • Permeability and porosity in arts practice

Guest speakers will be confirmed closer to the event and will be drawn from international practitioners and researchers in the field.

Registration for the event will cost £20 concession/£30 full price.

Convenors: Imogen Racz, Sarah Whatley and Emma Meehan

Date and venue: Friday 15 May at 10-6 ICE Building, Coventry University Technology Park, Parkside, CV1 2NE

Registration for this event is now open, please click here to proceed to booking

The organising committee includes: Imogen Racz, Sarah Whatley, Emma Meehan, Lily Hayward Smith, Jill Journeaux, Caroline Molloy, Sara Reed, Natalie Garrett Brown, Matt Johnston, Hetty Blades, Karen Wood, Liselle Terret and Rosamaria Cisneros

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