Context of change for European performance practice

Photo by Nicola Vaughan

Photo by Nicola Vaughan

The RICHES project is a European Commission funded project that brings together 10 partners from 6 EU countries and Turkey to research the context of change in which European cultural heritage is transmitted, its implications for future cultural heritage practices and the frameworks to be put in place for the benefit of all audiences and communities in the digital age. One of the project tasks is to explore the transformation of Dance and Performance practice as a result of digital technologies within the European context.

This research begins from the premise that while traditional, discipline-specific settings still play a part in how dance and performance is shared with the public, new kinds of spaces, both physical and virtual, are increasingly being exploited as dynamic, interactive and co-created spaces. The study aims, therefore, to analyse the context of change for European performance practice and map themethods and factors that have driven or impacted on these changes. In particular, the study aims to better understand the transaction that takes place between those who make, produce, curate, perform and view/experience performance practices.

If you are a dance and performance practitioner, performer, educator, or researcher and are willing to reflect on how digital technologies have impacted on your experience of performance practice, please share with us your views by completing this survey:

You can add your responses by Thursday 31 July 2014.

Your views are very important for the RICHES consortium and this particular study, and they will help evaluate the current state of European performing arts practices within the broad domain of ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

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