Identity Matters: enriching heritage to meet a new era / RICHES final conference



Borders blur. Disciplines merge. Barriers come down. The 21st century is a time of repositioning, and there is a key role to play for heritage. How do we (re)present ourselves, our public, our archives, our countries and our institutes?

This was the liet-motiv of RICHES final conference, presenting the project results together with inspiring keynote speakers who reflected and explored collaboratively future visions of heritage. Participation was also central, with experience of inspiring examples first hand in the city of Amsterdam: through urban safaris and visits to heritage sites, all conference participants could see best practices in action.


Photos courtesy of Waag. More photos on Flickr.

International keynote speakers were complemented presentations, demonstrations and workshops, all organised around themes such as connecting, self expression, participation, power, skills and crafts, food and festivities and citizenship.

Day 1: Identity Matters: How do we represent our changing selves in/with heritage?

Day 2: Matters of Identity: dissecting identity – what are the building blocks? How do we construct and reconstruct our identity through heritage?



Download the detailed Programme Booklet (PDF, 4 Mb)

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14-15 April 2016

Volkshotel – Wibautstraat 150, 1091 GR Amsterdam


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