The context of change and the move from Analogue to Digital


International experts met in Ankara (Turkey) on the 13-14th May to attend the workshop “The context of change and the move from analogue to digital” organised in the framework of the European project RICHES (Renewal, Innovation and Change: Heritage and European society).

In the 21st century, the world faces epochal changes which affect every part of society, including the arenas in which Cultural Heritage (CH) is made, held, collected, curated, exhibited or simply exists. The workshop provided a framework to understand this context of change and the impact of the move from analogue to digital. Participants had the opportunity to discuss and answer key questions as:

  • How can CH institutions renew and remake themselves?
  • How should an increasingly diverse society use our CH?
  • How may the move from analogue to digital represent a shift from traditional hierarchies of CH to more fluid, decentred practices?
  • How, then, can the EU citizen, alone or as part of a community, play a vital co-creative role?
  • What are the limitations of new technologies in representing, promoting and transmitting CH?
  • How can CH become closer to its audiences of innovators, skilled makers, curators, artists, economic actors?


The workshop was organised around three main sessions, where best practice examples were presented, including open discussion with the audience. During the third, completely interactive session, the participants addressed specific aspects linked to the workshop topics in parallel discussion groups.

Session 1: The move from analogue to digital

Session 2: Cultural Heritage transmission in a changing world

Session 3: Discussion groups

        • ​TRANSMITTING CULTURAL HERITAGE: preserve & curate in a context of change
        • ​TALKING CULTURAL HERITAGE: communication and connectedness in the digital age, user engagement, mediated and un-mediated culture
        • ​THE MOVE FROM ANALOGUE TO DIGITAL: main risks and opportunities


Download the full programme here.

Event organised by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the framework of the RICHES project.

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