European Tourism Day 2023


The European Tourism Day is organized on 5 May 2023 from 9:00, in the Charlemagne Building of the European Commission in Brussels and online.

This event will be an opportunity to discuss the state of tourism in the EU in the context of the green and digital transitions, to follow-up on the Tourism Transition Pathway and to share best practices for its co-implementation.

Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton will open the event and exchange with tourism stakeholders in an orientation debate entitled: ‘How to create a resilient, world-leading tourism ecosystem with innovative SMEs and thriving communities?’.

Panellists will then debate in three dedicated sessions:

  1. Digitalisation of tourism: towards the data space for EU tourism
  2. Green transition: sustainable tourism services and destinations
  3. Skilling and upskilling of tourism actors

The conference will be a one-day, onsite high-level meeting with the possibility for additional audience to follow via web-streaming. The session will feature simultaneous interpretation in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The final agenda of the European Tourism Day 2023 will soon be available on the event’s webpage.


To attend the European Tourism Day 2023 conference onsite, you are invited to register via the link below.


Should you prefer to attend the event online, no registration is needed. You will be able to follow live on:

If you wish to have additional information about:

  1. topics and roll-out of the event, please contact:
  2. logistics, please contact

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