EUreka3D website launched today


We are enthusiast to announce the launch of the official website of EUreka3D, a project co-funded by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union, that aims to support the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector, by offering capacity building, training and new services to Cultural Heritage institutions, facing the challenge of advancing in the digitization effort, especially in the field of 3D access, storage and sharing.

EUreka3D is a project coordinated by Photoconsortium and involves many other partners, for museums, galleries, libraries, archives and archaeological sites to review and modernise their internal processes from digital capture to end-user access and re-use, and it has the following five main objectives:

  1. To design and assess a range of new services and tools for CH digital transformation.
  2. To provide new contents in Europeana.
  3. To contribute to the capacity building of European CHIs.
  4. To outreach the widest community of CHIs, with particular regard to small institutions.
  5. To guarantee the highest quality of results, in terms of project’s outcomes and in relation to the compliance with Europeana and the future Data Space for Cultural Heritage.

In order to reach these objectives, EUreka3D project will engage a variety of CHIs in a piloting action that will:

  • Set-up dedicated cloud-based services for the management and preservation of cultural contents in a safe and IP-mindful environment
  • Generate high-quality 3D digitization of selected items and their related para-/metadata ready to be harvested to Europeana
  • Perform aggregation of the new contents to the Europeana platform and exemplification of few cases for use and re-use in unique areas such as Education.


EUreka 3D partners:


EUreka 3D website:

Find EUreka3D also on Twitter.


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