CHNT22 Urban Archaeology and Integration



The programme of the Cultural Heritage and New technologies CHNT conference this year includes different sessions:

  • Integrating historical maps and archaeological data using digital technologies
  • Adding life to written sources by studying the dead
  • New realities 3: virtual, augmented reality and other techniques in Cultural and historical Heritage for the general public
  • 3D digital reconstruction and related documentation sources
  • 3D Documentation in Underwater Archaeology: Photogrammetry, Georeferencing, Monitoring, and Surveying
  • New Approaches to Medieval Structures and Spaces
  • Reflections and research on archaeological practices in the digital era
  • The Employment of Mobile Applications for Survey, Documentation and Information

The programme also includes a special session on Cultural Heritage and Armed Conflict and a series of roundtables, trainings, poster sessions, and more.

The conference will be opened by Dr. Brigitte RIGELE (Head of the municipal and provincial archives of Vienna).
This year’s keynote speech will be hold by Martin SCHAICH about “Vianden Castle3D – “linked” in space and time for historical building research, visualization and presentation”.

The full programme is available here:

This year we organize for the first time a special APP-Award for Young Scientists: the Vienna City Award for Innovative Apps in Cultural Heritage for young researchers

This award will be sponsored by the Vienna Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs with a donation of EUR 1000.

Specific terms and conditions

  • Age under 35
  • no commercial product
  • The app should be produced in English.
  • The app presenter(s) must be on site.
  • The app should be available to interested users in any appropriate form (including the stores – Play Store and Apple Store  – free download is required).

For more information  – visit our homepage –


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