Beijing Media Art Biennale 2016 is opening in September


From our correspondent Elisa Debernardi

The “Beijing Media Art Biennale” aims through an interdisciplinary, cross-cutting artistic and theoretical practice to generate a dialogue and interface between the public and industry. It will be held at the World Art Museum and CAFA Art Museum on September 25 going through to October 9, during the Beijing Design Week 2016. In addition to the show held in the World Art Museum, it will present a “Lab Space” at the CAFA Art Museum, through related activities including forums, workshops, master classes, to combine the resources of the biennale and the teaching of the school, to offer the students and the related communities the opportunities to exchange with artists, thinkers, technological pioneers.

photo form the press conference introducing the event

photo from the press conference introducing the event


During the exhibition, it will also hold some public projects, such as an urban public screen show and audiovisual performances, etc., and the public can learn the related information of the exhibition through the public screens in the elevators of the office buildings, residential buildings and shopping malls, as well as the outdoor public screens, so that the exhibition can be involved in daily life, offering Beijing new urban public cultural landscapes, highlighting its public property and the value of the city. In the exhibition mode, Beijing Media Art Biennale is also innovative, through the form of hyperlinking exhibitions to connect the online and offline exhibitions, extending the display content to a large extent, connecting the artists, philosophers and scientists who are associated to “ethics of technology” around the world, to create a huge data base, or a think-tank.

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