New pilot project for ERIAC: Barvalipe Roma Online University


Bavarlipe Roma Online University is an online educational platform where Roma and non-Roma can access knowledge about the Roma identity(ies), history(ies) and culture(s) thorough a collection of high-quality lectures delivered by leading Roma scholars on topics ranging from the Roma Holocaust to Roma cultural productions. In partnership with Central European University (CEU), this project is part of ERIAC’s Roma Cultural History Initiative financed by the German Federal Foreign Office (FFO).
The course consists of 15 pre-recorded lectures; Each lecture is live-streamed on facebook and followed by open discussion with lectures, guests and audience members.
The series comprise a complete curriculum of Roma Cultural History that proposes a canon and acts as a reference for Roma cultural history.
The first lecture “Roma Identity, History and Historiography” by dr. Adrian Marsh is already available on Barvalipe Roma Online University’s webpage, on ERIAC’s website together with the list of next lectures.
Rosa Cisneros from C-DaRE of Coventry University (CU is REACH project Partner Coordinator) is involved in the initiative and will release her lecture on Romani Dance History next November.
More information on:
ERIAC Facebook page
ERIAC Website:
CEU Website: 


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