Hubs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Transformation of Historic Urban Areas


HUB-IN is an EU H2020 project focused on the transformation and regeneration of historic urban areas (HUAs) while preserving their unique cultural and social identity and environment.
The project identifies different HUAs:

  • Historic town or city centres
  • Historic areas which are outside of the town or city centre
  • Historic areas that focus on the wider urban values that define the identity and character of the town, city, or place.

8  pilot cities will work on a selected historic area of their territory and transform it in a “Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

The selected HUB-IN cites are: Belfast, UK; Brasov, Romania; Genova, Italy; Grand Angoulême, France; Lisbon, Portugal; Nicosia, Cyprus; Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia; Utrecht, The Netherlands.
They are very different but share the same values and vision:
innovation and entrepreneurship are key catalysts for promoting and implementing the transformation and regeneration of HUAs; this transformation must be achieved by preserving the identity and the unique cultural and social values of each historical area.

The project intends to adopt a human-connected approach, that has long-term impacts. Purposes are:

  • the revitalisation of historic heritage
  • the creation of new sustainable opportunities for local traditional businesses
  • the development of new creative skills and jobs

Discover more on HUB-IN here.


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