Collaboration established between UNCHARTED and MEMEX


UNCHARTED is continuing to expand its network, establishing a wide range of collaborations with other projects in the field of cultural heritage research, in order to create an active and engaged CH community, share information and collaborate in different areas of research and cultural innovation.

For this reason, UNCHARTED is happy to announce a very interesting new collaboration with the H2020 project MEMEX – MEMories and EXperiences for inclusive digital storytelling.

MEMEX promotes technology as a means of helping marginalized individuals and communities in society through inclusive access to cultural heritage.

In particular Artificial Intelligence (AI) as assistive technology, can help humans through the use of machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality.

MEMEX target communities are socially fragile people who are systematically excluded from various cultural opportunities and resources essential for social integration.

The project carries out three distinct pilots to analyze the different expectations from communities dislocated in different regions of the European territory:

  • Barcelona’s Migrant Women and the Gender Perspective (Spain)
  • District Xix: Digital Storytelling With Inhabitants In Priority Neighbourhood Of Paris (France)
  • Enhanced Readings Of Shared Portuguese Heritage Through Emancipated Eyes (Portugal)

In order to provide more information on the new partner, a showcase presenting MEMEX is now available on the UNCHARTED community page, here the link.

Further information on MEMEX at


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