Thursday, 23 May 2024

Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture


The UNCHARTED project aims to define the social values associated with culture, their configuration and the political impulse that these values could deliver to the society.

The contribution that culture can offer to facing some of the crucial problems in Europe is evident:
cultural participation increases well-being, stimulates learning and makes an individual more sociable and responsible, promoting tolerance and citizen participation; as collective effect, it generates identity and a sense of belonging, promoting inclusion and social cohesion.
All this makes the cultural participation a powerful resource for fighting the main threats that undermine the peaceful coexistence in Europe.

The UNCHARTED project identifies, contextualizes, measures and analyses the emergence and conformation of the values of culture from an interdisciplinary, collaborative and pluralistic perspective in order to elaborate a general, complete and integrated vision of the societal value of culture. It also purposes to develop new tools and guidelines for understanding, calibrating and managing the plurality of values of culture and in this way, to reorient cultural policy; as a result, it will produce a roadmap for cultural policy action favourable to the plurality of cultural values.

UNCHARTED Objectives:

  • to provide a broader vision of the value of culture in Europe;
  • to identify and contextualize the emergence and configuration of cultural values in Europe;
  • to co-create new conceptual and methodological tools to understand, evaluate, measure and improve statistical data for capturing the plurality of values of culture;
  • to give tools and systematic guidelines for the reorientation of cultural policy in a pluralistic sense.

UNCHARTED Activities:
Uncharted project will last 48 months and the plurality of values will be studied in four fundamental arenas of cultural practice:

  • cultural participation in live arts and culture;
  • cultural participation through media;
  • cultural production and heritage management;
  • cultural administration.

The project consists of 8 Work-Packages:

  • WP 1: understanding the societal value of culture.
  • WP 2: identifying the emergence of values of culture.
  • WP 3: measuring and imagining.
  • WP 4: analyzing political intervention and impact.
  • WP 5: experimental demonstrations.
  • WP 6: Communication and Dissemination
  • WP 7: Project Management
  • WP 8: Ethics requirements