Digital Nights: Digital Poetry


Onassis Cultural Centre organized an interesting encounter with J. R. Carpenter, moderated by Prodromos Tsiavos and Thodoris Chiotis.

Athens (Greece), 21st March 2018, h19:00
Galaxia & Evridamantos str. (behind the OCC building)

J.R. Carpenter first began using the internet as a medium for experimental writing in 1993. She has been publishing books for just as long. In this talk she lead audience on a tour of early and more recent web-based works, demonstrating how she explores themes of place, displacement, community and the environment through performance, print and digital media.


J. R. Carpenter is a Canadian-born UK-based artist, writer, performer, and researcher working in Performance Writing, Digital Literature, and Media Archaeology. Her pioneering web-based works have been exhibited, published, performed and presented in journals, galleries, museums and festivals around the world. She is a winner of the Dot Award for Digital Literature (2015), and the New Media Writing Prize (2016). She is the author of three books with a fourth forthcoming from Penned in the Margins in April 2018. She lives in Plymouth, UK.


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