Bastogne War Museum – A new identity for a new memorial place

Cattura4The Bastogne War Museum is a new place of remembrance devoted to the Second World War, located very close to the famous Mardasson Memorial, a memorial place enriched by a crypt decorated by Fernand Léger, one of the most famous French painters of the twentieth century. The museum is housed in a brand-new building with striking architecture.
Through the prism of the Battle of the Bulge, a tour of the new museum gives visitors an insight into the causes, events and consequences of the Second World War in a modern and interactive environment.
The original scenography is filled in by three scenovisions, real multi-sensory 3D scenes, which ensure a complete immersion in History.
The route through the museum is organised into a set of sections in order to streamline your visit.
section 1: pre war atmosphere
section 2: the war conflict
section 3: Belgium under occupation
section 4: Towards liberation
section 5: The Battle of the Bulge
Section 6:Allied victory
Section 7: Towards a new world order
The Bastogne War Museum has the ambition to respond to the expectations of an audience that largely did not know the war. This is an audience that in the best case has read about the subject. But often the visitors do not really have an idea and they know the events only through vague images in cinema and on television.
The point is to turn the “memorial tourism”, of which the memorial fact is less and less present in the collective memory, into a “history tourism” with a clear civil and educational calling
The Mardasson Memorial and the Bastogne War Museum share a common ambition: to honour the memory of those who fought for our freedom and to uphold the values of peace and freedom.
Read more about the Bastogne War Museum at
Colline du Mardasson, 5 – 6600 Bastogne (Belgium)
T : +32 61 210 220

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