50s in Budapest, news and updates from the project


photos by Valentina Bachi.

Hosted by partner OSZK, on 25th April a plenary meeting for the “Fifties in Europe Kaleidoscope” project took place in the beautiful premises of the National Library in Buda Castle. The meeting was attended by all the partners and was extremely useful to review the progress in each activity and to plan the next steps for project’s milestones.


Of particular interest were the presentations by Frederik Temmermans (imec) about the process of training for the visual recognition algorithm, that is currently going through million cycles of training in order to “learn” to recognize key features of the visual imagery of the 1950s; also the presentation by Maria Ralli (NTUA) focused on the latest development of the WITH infrastructure for annotation of digital collections. Important discussion took place about the upcoming education MOOC of the project, that is planned to be launched in the second semester of academic year 2019-2020 on KU Leuven’s online platform and which is featuring a good collaboration with the colleagues of Culture Moves project. Finally, curator Sofie Taes drove a lively discussion about the upcoming photographic exhibition that is currently under preparation, and which will be launched by Photoconsortium in Pisa in September 2019. Some preliminary thoughts were also shared about the final conference to be hosted by SPK in February 2020.

50s in budapest


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