BLUE SKIES, RED PANIC exhibition about the 1950s in Europe


DSC_0711“BLUE SKIES, RED PANIC” photographic exhibition, realized in the framework of the 50s in Europe Kaleidoscope project, was opened at La Mercè Cultural Center in Girona on Tuesday 12th November, organized by CRDI / Ajuntament de Girona.

During the inauguration, Martí Anglada, journalist and former representative of the Generalitat de Catalunya in Switzerland and France, gave the conference “France, at the European rudder of the 50s; Germany, at the helm of the 2000s “. As Martí Anglada says, the European Union was born in the fifties with an economic base, but with a strong desire for political integration. blue_skies_red_panic_gironaThe passage of decades and successive enlargements have been strengthening economic union, but have debilitated political will. In the fifties France was clearly the helmsman of the European Union, while in the 21st century Germany reunified has taken over. The future is hopefully uncertain.

BLUE SKIES, RED PANIC is a travelling exhibition that comes from Pisa and after this display in Girona will continue its European journey towards Antwerp and Berlin. It is part of the European Kaleidoscope project in which the CRDI participates. The objective of this project is to relate heritage photography to new technologies, in order to discover life in the fifties through the iconographic legacy and at the same time to enhance the citizen interest in heritage. The exhibition has 26 large-format photographs grouped into 11 different themes that offer a “kaleidoscopic” vision of the Europe in the fifties. This exhibition was on show in the cloister of the La Mercè Cultural Center between November 12 and December 19, 2019.


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